MOCA Tournaments

At the Tournaments…

Destination Imagination teams will solve two types of Challenges: Team Challenges and Instant Challenges. Teams will perform their Challenge solutions to a group of Appraisers. Destination Imagination Appraisers are local volunteers who have been trained to assess the Challenges.

Tournament schedules and results will be posted as they become available.

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Southwest Regional Tournament

  • Southwest Region: Generally including the area of Missouri south of the Lake of the Ozarks.
  • Tournament:
  • Appraiser Training: 

Eastern Regional Tournament

  • Eastern Region: Generally including the area of Missouri up and down the Mississippi River corridor.
  • Tournament:
  • Appraiser Training: 

North Central Regional Tournament

  • North Central Region: Generally including the area of Missouri from Kansas City to Wright City and from the Lake of the Ozarks to Iowa.
  • Tournament:
  • Appraiser Training:         

Missouri State Affiliate Tournament

Missouri Southern State University, Joplin MO

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Thank you to all who participated or helped with the tournament!

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